CityTwist Recognized in Eye Opening PCG Research Automotive Advertising Report

CityTwist Recognized in Eye Opening PCG Research Automotive Advertising Report

Highly abnormal web traffic to automotive dealership websites has led to recent investigations and research into conquest email advertising companies. Often times dealers are unaware of how to inspect their web traffic using reporting tools such as Google Analytics, which has resulted in many dealerships being left open to exploitation.

Brian Pasch, founder and CEO of PCG Companies, is a leading digital advertising expert and respected automotive industry consultant. Pasch recently released the PCG Research Report on Email Conquest Marketing for the automotive industry. In his report, Pasch pinpoints some common and some not so common red flags occurring in the campaigns of ten conquest advertising companies. Pasch also offers up important recommendations for dealers to follow in order to ensure they receive bona fide results.

In the report, Pasch acknowledges that CityTwist “has established themselves as a leader of email marketing transparency,” after a thorough investigation of CityTwist’s high quality Google Analytics traffic as well as their business model.

The PCG Research report also features a Google Analytics snapshot from a dealer using CityTwist, illustrating that visitors originating from CityTwist campaigns exhibit normal website engagement across all available metrics. Pasch also reported that “The CityTwist campaigns that we inspected generated lead form submission and phone calls.”

Executive Vice President of Sales Marc Lefevre stated, “CityTwist appreciates being recognized as a leader in the automotive conquest digital marketing industry. We have always taken pride in our buyer identification algorithms, advertisement delivery systems and our transparent strategies and results.”

CityTwist began working with Polk in 2010, which incorporated into IHS Automotive in 2013 when it became part of IHS through acquisition. This alignment enhanced CityTwist’s methods to target specific consumers and deliver transparent, verified results to customers, and provide them with a True ROI.

CityTwist uses IHS Automotive’s Purchase Predictors to identify “In-Market” consumers at the bottom of the purchase funnel. This is run through CityTwist’s proprietary response and behavior models, creating an ultra-responsive and highly targeted audience.

Utilizing their own cutting-edge technology, CityTwist deploys campaigns to these active “In-Market” buyers in the dealership’s primary market area who are likely to purchase a vehicle within the next zero to six months.

CityTwist is the only conquest email company using IHS Automotive data for conquest marketing at the dealer level. This strategic integration allows them to offer dealers one of the most highly targeted conquest solutions in the industry.

John McBride, Vice President of Sales and Client Services at IHS Automotive stated, “I have worked closely with CityTwist over the last four years and have watched their business steadily grow. They have well-defined deployment processes and are very focused on providing dealers with performance metrics that prove the effectiveness of their prospect targeting.”

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