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Why Indy DealerPro?

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Our experience with automotive advertising gives us the unique advantage to connect with and recognize local consumers. We cultivate your marketing campaign from the ground up using our team of graphic designers and marketing specialists. At CityTwist, we have been analyzing the online behaviors of our database for the past 13 years. Using this intelligence, we know where, when and how to target these buyers.

  • Leads Exclusive to Your Dealership
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement
  • Real-Time Delivery: via Text, E-mail
  • Integrated with Most CRM Platforms
  • Customer Purchase Preferences
  • Increased Website Traffic

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Reach Local Buyers

We identify active buyers in your dealership’s market area so we are able to reach the right buyer at the right time.

Leads In Real-Time

We deliver your local leads directly to your dealership via text, e-mail, and CRM.

Sell More Cars!

Industry leading technology brings LiveLeads to your dealership and puts money in your pocket.

Pricing to fit any budget

Using industry leading technology we reach active buyers, and deliver them directly to your dealership, without busting your budget.

  • Basic

  • USD350/mo
    • Target Facebook and Instagram Users
    • Approximately 10 – 15 Leads per Month

  • Plus

  • USD750/mo
    • 10% Savings Over Basic

    • Target Facebook and Instagram Users
    • Approximately 20 – 35 Leads per Month

  • Pro

  • USD1250/mo
    • 15% Savings Over Basic

    • Target Facebook and Instagram Users
    • Approximately 40 – 65 Leads per Month

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