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What makes CityTwist different?

CityTwist’s Geographic Radius Inbox Delivery technology (GRID™) guarantees delivery of digital advertisements to finite consumer populations.


Consistent and persistent Inbox delivery testing and server routing ensures that each advertisement is delivered to relevant consumer populations.


GRID™ technology enables single, multi-location and national businesses to advertise to geographically relevant consumers in defined market areas. Stop “blasting” out digital advertisements to irrelevant audiences.

Guaranteed Delivery with GRID™ Technology0%

Here at CityTwist we have been analyzing the online behaviors of our database for the past 13 years. Using this intelligence, we know where, when and how to target these buyers. Our transparent 3rd party tracking provides customers with insight into how prospective new buyers interact with their site.

Online Proprietary Behavior Model

125 Million Opt-in Consumers

No Over-Mailing

Awards & Recognition

Fastest-Growing Tech Company

CityTwist was named a Fastest-Growing Technology Company in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal at the Fast Tech Awards ceremony on October 17, 2015.

Meet Our Founder

Lou Nobilé / Founder & Chairman

Lou Nobilé is the driving force behind CityTwist’s industry leading products and services. Lou founded CityTwist in 2003 after serving Equifax, Inc as Vice President of Technology. Prior to Equifax, Lou’s innovations at Naviant, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer led to increased revenue and expanded product lines raising the company from a $20 million valuation to a $135 million sale during his 18-month tenure.


Previously, Lou held key executive positions within several marketing and technology companies including Data Dynamics and Lexis-Nexis. His experience in business, marketing and technology drive the dominance and competitive advantage inherent in all CityTwist products.